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  • Server Information: Play SYFY Ragnarok Online Classic Server is a low rate (1x/1x/1x) classic MMORPG server in old classic pre-renewal mechanics and settings. We aim to bring you the nostalgic RO-Classic feeling during 2003-2004 era that no one else can provide which most of us miss in today’s servers due to the requirement of donations and deviation from scope. SYFYRO server is fixed on Episode 8 Niflheim ~ City of the Dead.

    • Race to Max Event:
      • Race to Max without streaming via twitch USD 50 (10 times).
      • Race to Max with streaming via twitch USD 100 (10 times).
      • Prizes for 1 player only not per characters. You can support via duel client.
      • Send snapshot for your character to participate via (playsyfyragnarokonline@gmail.com).
      • when you hit 99 please send snapshot to (playsyfyragnarokonline@gmail.com) to varify.


    • Guild vs. Guild Event (Monthly):
      • Prize will be sent to guild leader only (USD 1000)
      • Minimum of 10 players in Guild.
      • Event will be in Geffen Guild Dungeon.
      • require 20 players to start the event
      • duel client playing not allowed.
  • 20th AUG 2021 Updates and News: 

    We apologies for the delay to fixed some reported issue due to facing many challenges and we have been forced to moved to Renewal Mechanics due to emulator issues that exists in Pre-re Mechanics. 

    • Upgraded SYFYRO server with more RAM to accommodate more players.
    • Changed SYFYRO mechanics to Renewal Mechanics to avoid issues and bugs.
    • Activate @autotrade
    • Fixed ASPD Pots issue.
    • Add more commands for players.
    • Fixed /memo locations.
    • increased mobs in all maps with +25%.
    • Fixed missing portals.
    • Add Unstuck Butterfly Wing (can't be sold).
  • NEWS: Our server is currently Online. We will start advertising to bring more players. Enjoy your stay!

    NOTE: We already start advertising with ratemyserver, please be kind with others.

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  1. Important

    1. Updates

      Here you can view what are the last updates and Fixes in our server. Make sure you visit this Forum all the time.

    2. Suggestions

      Share your suggestions here and we will see what we can do about it.

    3. Review Us   (290 visits to this link)

      Appreciate your support to Review Us here in this Forum. It will help us improve the game experience provided to everyone.

  2. Main Forums

    1. Interface/Settings/Game Play

      Share Game setup settings and themes with others. Ask questions of the community or give your experience!

    2. Say Hello?

      New to the server? Introduce yourself on this Forum and start becoming a part of the our community!

    3. PVP

      This Forum is for all PvP and GvG activities. You can share your videos or screenshots with others. Intensify your PvP and GvG skills! Learn from the community through guides, discussion, and videos.

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    4. Guild

      You can post any Guild related topics here. Unrelated topics will be deleted. This Forum is the hub of all guild-related activities, including member recruiting for guilds.

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    5. Classes

      Share tactics and advice for all aspects of Server GamePlay - ask questions of the community or give your experience! For classes Novice, Swordman, Mage, Archer, Merchant Thief, or Acolyte.

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    6. Item/Mob/Skill Database

      This Forum is to get feedback related to Items & Monsters & Skill database.

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